February 6, 2023



5 Tips and Tricks for Creating a Well-Designed Website on a Tight Budget

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A website is an asset and a business like no other. Some of the biggest businesses in the world are websites, e.g., YouTube and Facebook. You can start it without requiring a business license or permit. 

It is one of the best ideas for starting a business with no money. However, even starting a website on a budget, it must be well designed to attract visitors. Web design is a crucial element of any website, but it does not need to cost you a lot of money. 

The following are tips and tricks for creating a well-designed website on a tight budget:

Use A Cheap Hosting Platform

You need a host to help you handle the data on your website. Therefore, you will have to find a web hosting service for your site. Some services will cost you a lot of money, but you can find good hosting services on a budget. 

Examples of cheap but quality hosting services are Hostinger, HostGator, and BlueHost, which will charge you less than five dollars a month for hosting. Though you might be checking for the cheapest service available, you should also review the contract to see the terms of the agreement.

Choose The Best Content Management System

Every website requires a content management system (CMS). A content management system is a program or software you use to create and manage digital content on your website. You will need to create portals, manage links, and more. 

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Your website content directly contributes to your website’s design, hence CMS’s importance. Choose a CMS that is suitable for your website’s unique needs while still comparing prices. WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS mainly because it is free. However, it would be best if you also considered others like Wix and Squarespace.

Use a Drag and Drop Builder

If you are not a website designer or do not have a keen eye for website design, you should not worry. You can use a drag-and-drop website builder that makes web design incredibly easy. It removes the need for coding skills so you can drag and drop the elements you need into your site. Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace all have superb drag-and-drop features. You can use the features to customize your website and develop a design that you and your visitors will appreciate.

Utilize Plugins

Plugins are another tool that further helps you customize your website’s design. The majority of drop-and-drag website builders or platforms will have plugins. There are free plugins and plugins you have to pay for. The latter allows you more freedom and style options for designing your website. 

You can use plugins to add sharing options, include a widget connecting visitors to your mailing list, and more. Plugins could also help you optimize your site for SEO (search engine optimization) which is necessary for a modern website. Start with free and simple plugins and use more complex and expensive ones as you proceed.

Use a Background Remover for Logos, Buttons, Icons, and Similar

Web design includes managing many visual aspects of your site. When starting a website on a budget, you will not have the money for professional photo editing, so you will have to do it yourself. 

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Use this background remover to edit logos, buttons, icons, and photos to suit your website’s design. You can hence replace the background with anything you desire. Such a free background remover saves you a lot of money you would have otherwise had to pay a professional for the same job. 

Starting a website and designing it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg if you know the tips and tricks of the trade. Plugins, a background remover, a content management system, a drop-and-drag builder, and a cheap hosting platform will help you save money. The key is to use the above tips to have an appealing website design that you can improve.

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