December 3, 2022


Are K-pop Supergroup BTS going on hiatus?

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Grammy nominated K-pop supergroup BTS has left fans in a tizzy post their annual FESTA dinner video premiered on YouTube.

BTS announced that they would be taking some time off as a group and focusing on their solo projects.

They, however, did assure fans that the band won’t be disbanding.

The label Big Hit Music, that manages BTS, released a statement clarifying that the group is focusing on solo work and not disbanding.

BTS’ Jung Kook went live on the V Live app and clarified the misunderstandings, saying the band would be working on solo projects, but that doesn’t mean that they will stop working as a team.

Jung Kook also reiterated that BTS are not disbanding, as many thought during the announcement, but that they were just taking a new direction in planning, as they will continue shooting their ‘Run BTS’ web series on the V Live app.

The clarification came shortly after Jung Kook released a solo single dedicated to the group’s fan ‘Army’ called ‘My You’

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