March 23, 2023


‘Besharam Rang’ from Shah Rukh Khan’s Next Movie, ‘Pathaan’ Hits The Airwaves

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Fans can’t get enough of Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s electrifyihg chemistry in the newly-released song ‘Behsharam Rang‘ from their upcoming movie ‘Pathaan.’

Besharam Rang is a peppy song and might light up many a dance floor this New Year’s. After watching the song, it seems the visuals that were leaked on the Internet earlier this year, such as Shah Rukh Khan’s long hair and his chiselled abs and Deepika’s sizzling yellow bikini, seemed to be from this song.

Soon after the video was posted on YouTube, fans flooded the comment section. One wrote, ‘What a beautiful composition, she is singing like a gazal and such a musical with this, kudos to Shilpa Rao and Vishal, Sheykhar, this song is Giving feeling of gazal and at the same time it is a party pop song,’ while another wrote, ‘As beautiful Deepika is looking in this song, you simply can’t deny the fact that it is Shilpa’s vocals which takes the cake overall. What a banger of a song!’

Watch Besharam Rang below:

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