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How to Download iOS 16 Public Beta and Install It on Your iPhone

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This autumn, when Apple releases the completed version of its mobile software update, iOS 16, an iPhone near you will get the upgrade. However, there is no need to wait to start using iOS 16 if you have even the slightest interest in all the innovations that were shown off to developers at WWDC 2022 last month.

The public beta of iOS 16 is available for download right now. The general public can now test out the new features and make sure everything is set to launch in the fall thanks to the availability of all the software upgrades Apple demonstrated during WWDC, from macOS Ventura to watchOS 9.

The developer beta for iOS 16 was released earlier this summer, and now the public beta is available. (In fact, the third developer beta for iOS 16 that was issued in early July resembles the current public version that Apple is distributing.) The public beta allows a larger set of people to test iOS 16 and is kind of like the next testing stage.

The public beta, which Apple provides for free, ought to be more stable than the developer beta. Even while Apple believes the beta to be stable enough for the general public, we nevertheless suggest installing iOS 16 on a backup iPhone for the time being because not all of your depended-upon apps may function with the new version. FILM SOUND

How to get the public beta of iOS 16

Before continuing, you should make a backup of your iPhone, if you have a compatible phone. If anything does not work out as intended, you may always go back to an earlier version of your iPhone by having an archived backup.

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Whether you want to back up your iPhone to iCloud or a PC, we have steps for you. The latter is what we would advise doing before downloading a beta version. You may start after backing up your iPhone.

Joining the Apple Beta Software Program will be the first step.

  • Login or register on the Beta Software Program website (opens in a new tab) on your iOS device. (If you are registering for the Beta Software Program, all you need is your Apple ID to complete the device registration steps.)
  • After logging in, navigate to the iOS 16 area, scroll down until you see Download Profile, and then hit that icon. Verify that you wish to install a configuration profile on your phone when asked.
  • You will be instructed to go to Settings after the profile has been downloaded. The Profile will be mentioned in a notice at the top of the Settings app. Click on View Profile.
  • To start the installation process, press Install in the top right corner of the next page. You will see some legalese regarding the unstable nature of beta software after entering your passcode to confirm, and you will need to tap Install again.
  • You will then be required to restart your iPhone so that the profile can install, and you will be asked to install the programme once again since Apple wants to make sure you want this beta on your phone. Because this process might take some time, be sure to plug your iPhone into a power source.
  • Immediately after your iPhone resumes, launch the Settings app and choose General, then Software Update.
  • 7. The iOS 16 beta will be available for you. Tap Download and Install when prompted, then enter your passcode. You must click Install one more to confirm.
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Installing the first beta makes the process much simpler. The Software Update area of the Settings app will provide access to upcoming updates. If you already have iOS 16 beta installed on your iPhone, simply head there to get the most recent updates.

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