February 6, 2023



Quorum: Why do my friends criticize me when I am doing well?

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Q: I get criticized when I am doing well, if I tell people about a crush I have, do well in school or just get all my ducks in a row in life.

This is after going through my own trials and tribulations, struggles and the grind to get to where I am.

So why do people put me down, even when they are doing better than me, financially, emotionally or in any other way?

A: ‘Haters gonna hate’ they say, simple. Unfortunatey for you and for all of us, spiteful, immature, foolish behavior that you expect to not encounter after your days in the sandbox are done, persist and how.

A lot of the people around you, while you are adulting, will sadly never outgrow their immature behavior, continuing to act out and project their own insecurities, be it at college, at work, or in their personal relationships, including their friendships with you.

So, how do you counter this? Stand out. Let your freak flag fly high, without becoming aloof that is.

Choose your friends wisely and be on guard against people who may not have your best interests at heat.

As time goes by, you will begin to build up a network of like-minded people, the rest you keep at the periphery of your life where they belong.

There’s no need to ‘invite’ people into your life who negatively impact your emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.

You don’t need the approval of others to be valuable and awesome as a person: you are already that!

As you find peace and confidence in yourself and the life course you set for yourself, you will find it increasingly easy to discard anybody who treats you with disrespect and leave them to their devices.

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Also, never chase love, as it will always run away from you. Pursue genuine friendship and connections with no agenda.

When you become good, genuine friends with people, of all genders, you will find that love grows naturally, not just romantic, but simply the love you have for your fellow human being.

That is a full life, well-lived.

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