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Ranveer Singh ‘Nude’ Photoshoot: Actor Booked For ‘Obscene’ Pictures By Police

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Police in Mumbai registered an FIR against actor Ranveer Singh for his risqué photoshoot that went viral on social media.

The Chembur police have filed an FIR after receiving a complaint that was filed with them seeking the registration of FIR, the police said.

Actor Ranveer Singh had posted pictures from his photoshoot on his Instagram account.

An NGO employee, along with a woman lawyer filed separate written complaints in the matter, alleging that the actor’s ‘obscene pictures’ had ‘hurt the sentiments of women in general’ and that he had ‘insulted their modesty through his photographs,’ the police said.

Ranveer Singh Goes Naked In Photoshoot, Twitter Goes ‘Meme’

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s clothes make as much news as his photoshoots do. The actor decided to do away with the clothes bit for his recent photoshoot for Paper magazine.

The actor posed in front of the camera naked and in his skivvies for some model 101 poses, including one with him sprawled on a rug.

As is social media’s wont though, the images grabbed eyeballs and inspired memes. Some praised the actor for his courage and lack of inhibitions, others straight up went troll mode and shared their thoughts about the shoot.

Here are some of the worthy memes:

During the interview, Ranveer took a note from the ‘art imitates life’ philosophy handbook and spoke about his ‘naked soul’ in his work, as opposed to his physical nakedness now. He also opened up about how he has a ‘dystopian and cynical’ understanding of the world, ‘Everything’s gone to sh*t. I understand that this journey of life is an agonizing f*****g journey. It’s agonizing to just exist.’

‘I am hyper-sensitive to everything around me, it’s just the way I am, it’s how I’m wired. I feel a lot more. If I’m angry, I get really f*****g angry, if I’m sad I get really f*****g sad, if I’m happy I get really f*****g happy. It is very difficult, and I get overwhelmed on a daily basis.’

He also spoke about his quirky style of dressing and the opinions of internet trolls, as he looked back on his ten-year journey in Bollywood.

The memes meanwhile, went on.

‘Every 90s kids in photo studio when they turn 1,’ wrote a Twitter user while sharing the picture.

‘5 year old me waiting for my mom to apply soap on me,’ another quipped.

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