March 24, 2023


Three factors that turn React Native in a rewarding choice for startup

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There are three things that are essential for building a startup that can demonstrate an impressive growth curve:
– innovative idea that make a difference in the world;
– a professional team with a relevant experience and user-centered approach;
– and an appropriate technology stack that empowers the IT team to transform the idea into a tangible product. 

The technology stack for building a startup matters no less than the other mentioned factors as far as it directly impacts on the cost of IT services and time consumption. 

Pet health tracker or fitness activity tracker, unusual dating service or meditation «digital coach», original e-commerce app with streaming or financial app for banking sector – regardless of the application specific the technology platform can bring fruit to the customer.

If you’re planning to optimize expenditures and realize the task fast, qualitatively, search for a talented React Native app development agency. React Native stands out favorably against the background of other offers due to its generous palette of opportunities and competitiveness in terms of shorter timeline and lower costs than native developers usually charge. 

When does React Native perfectly match your startup aims?

Flipping through a plethora of various technologies, you’ll possibly be puzzled with the tricky conundrum of how to understand that this tech tool fits your tasks better than others. When you’re researching the «instruments» for mobile app development, the diversity of tools is overwhelming. Flutter, Cordova, Ionic and other alternatives: where and why do they give in to React Native? 

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As recorded in the multi sided survey, the major part (about 40%) of the IT agencies lean towards React Native due to its flexibility and convenience. Statista also states that ⅓ of all IT companies work with cross-platform solutions. The key to such a popularity of React Native app development is hidden in its features.

  1. Universal application

Conceiving a mobile app, you count on smooth implementation of diverse functionality. React Native app development makes possible creating all the types of mobile apps from simple event apps to multifunctional social media or financial solutions. Booking services, dating apps, investment tools – it’s hard to name all the spheres where React Native app development is worth applying. 

  1. Faster and cheaper development

Along with the ability to realize an array of original concepts, React Native app development empowers experts to create two versions of the app simultaneously for both platforms (iOS and Android). Parallel use of code entails cutting the costs due to fastened processes.

  1. Unparalleled user experience 

You can find enough business stories when making first steps with native development, the owners of the product made up to switch on the React Native app development. One of the core incentives that fostered changes is the opportunity to deliver new features faster than native tools allow. Another one is it becomes possible to add alterations without disrupting the workability of the app (thanks to Hot reloading). As for the product’s look and functionality, it’s hard to notice the difference. 

Freelancers or React Native app development agency: what to choose?

Hope you won’t argue that the palette of colors plays better when a true artist uses it. The same point is fair to React Native app development: the magic tool exposes its rewarding sides when it’s resonant to your project concept, and it is applied by an experienced team with tendency to perfection. So, don’t spare time to make sure that you’re dealing with people who actually care about the results they deliver. 

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But which type of collaboration is more preferable: freelancers or app development agencies? Let’s delve into the issue. 

Freelancers: pros and cons

The first impression is that you can significantly reduce the budget and get what you want for comparatively less money and within established deadlines. We can’t say it’s false. If you want to create a very simple product and are lucky enough to meet a qualified expert, you can celebrate the launch. But the most common situation is that you spend a huge amount of time and effort in order to complete the professional role that is usually performed by a project manager. Highly likely you’ll be involved in the process a lot of time to control contractors deliver results as needed and on time. Plus to this the necessity to juggle the stages of development if your freelancers are located in different time zones and can’t coordinate with each other effectively. That threatens to turn React Native app development into a slow and non-productive «story». Add to these that the expertise of solo designers and developers can often be insufficient for completing complex tasks, and you’ll see how ephemeral is the perspective to cut costs. 

React Native app development agencies

The advantages of a fully staffed team are obvious. If we are talking about a full cycle of development services, you can count on better understanding of your business needs on all the stages: from concept discussion to frontend and back end works. Cooperating with React Native app development team, you can count to get services at a better level including product management and quality assurance. Such an approach ensures that your product won’t be sloppy and with a disappointing user experience. Unsurpassed first impression and positive feedback of first real users are the determining factors of future growth of the project. 

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For example, the Purrweb team is proud of fast and qualitative React Native app development just within several months. If you are focused on the MVP approach, you can count on getting the product in three months. The team doesn’t hide their rapturous treat to the tech stack due to its convenience for specialists. Released by Facebook, the tool has a supportive community that is important for providing coding services for non trivial solutions. Moreover, it helps to drive home really original concepts with multifunctional opportunities. 

To wrap up

The picture of React Native app development wouldn’t be finished if we had forgotten to mention that it not only fits for projects with original UX design, but it also encourages IT teams to bring to life actually highly loaded and complicated projects which presume abundance of photo and video content or animated illustrations. 

So, check reviews on GoodFirms and Clutch and research portfolio of agencies in order to sift them through your requirements and find those who perfectly match. 

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