December 3, 2022


What will the iPhone 14 price in India be?

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After much speculation about the launch of the iPhone 14, Apple is a few hours away from announcing the iPhone 14 lineup.

So, the obvious next question has been where Apple will price the iPhone 14, as smartphone consumers increasingly move away from expensive phones and look at more value-for-money options.

Ahead of the Apple event, nevertheless, analysts suggest a possible price point of $749, not exactly cheap but par for the course, in terms of Apple’s ‘premium pricing’ strategy.

So, will iPhones be more expensive in India, as always?

iPhone Pricing Strategy

New iPhones in India have generally been priced a good 30 per cent over their American price points, owing to hefty customs duties, GST hikes and the company’s own unique pricing strategy.

For example, the iPhone 13 series when it first came out cost 1,79,000 for the top-of-the-line 1TB storage variant, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, in the US, you could have got it for around INR 1,10,422.

Since Apple is not planning to launch an iPhone 14 mini, the iPhone 14 is speculated to be around the 79,900 price point, possibly making it expensive for Apple fans in India to buy the entry-level offering.

In the US however, according to market analysts, iPhone 14 is being speculated to start at $749, which is $50 less than the iPhone 13 which retailed at $799.

This is a change in narrative from earlier reports where the iPhone 14 range was expected to go up in price.

So how much will the new iPhone cost? One can only confirm after the launch event.

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